Ways to improve your look?

What are things that a member of the opposite gender should change to improve his/her appearance? What sort of things do you notice that some guys/girls wear or do that makes them appear more attractive? It may be a certain haircut you like or some type of clothing but anything is possible.

And I'm more looking for you opinions on style and grooming than exercising to get fitter because I think that's a universal and more obvious answer.


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  • well for guys here are some things to do to imrpove themselves..

    -guys with hair that's bald is never really good(unless for a cause that's reasonable),i hate mohawks and most guys who bleach their hair don't end up looking good..,

    -some guys need to pluck inbetween their eyebrows a little so theyre not too bad

    -i find guys who wear laid back clothing(shorts,tshirt)more attractive(personal preference)

    -guys with abs and strong arms are definitely better looking than those without

    -i really like it when guys wear workout clothes,they look hot


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  • Well you're already noticeably attractive to me, but I love a short hair cut on a guy. Clean cut, clean shaved, the best.


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