Are white men attracted to black women?

I'm a light-skinned (mixed) black women who prefers white men. I seem to have no problem attracting black men, I assume it's because I fit into the stereotype of a what most girls look like in music videos (light skin, thin waist with a bigger butt, and I straighten my hair, and it's medium length). I've read on a lot of blogs that if a white man is with a black women, she is usually more ethnic looking, with darker skin and natural, curly hair. I'm just wondering if there is ANY hope for me in being approached by a white guy? White guys have told me I'm pretty from time to time, but I don't get approached by them all that often... I'd be more interested in the intellectual, funny, almost nerdy kind of white guy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes I'm white and I've definitely been attracted to black women. Sometimes I get the feeling many aren't into white guys though. They seem apprehensive about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm, I've thought the opposite;

    I figured if white guys would date a black women, they were more likely to pair up with a mixed black girl?

    I've been hit on, like maybe once by a white guy, but he was like the really blackafied thuggish white guy lol (not my type of guy,)

    I'm more attracted to the casual white guys, and it's kind of a hard taste, because it's hard to tell if the white guys are really into black girls. And then I hear, the white guys who do like black girls, aren't sure if the black girls like white guys lol

    So we're kinda in this awkward state :P

    But, I think it helps a lot if you hang out with your white buds, as they'll have other friends who may have some jungle fever as well :D


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