Do looks really matter?

Have you ever felt you´re not pretty/sexy enough for your crush?

Have you ever felt you´re not dating because of your look?


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  • Looks don't matter. They are a perk, if anything, but in the end that perk will always fade. Looks ALWAYS fade. There's no stopping it. At least not right now. It makes me sad how much emphasis on appearances for both guys and girls there is in our society. I can understand being healthy, that's great. Nothing wrong with that, but to put emphasis on appearance to be the only type of person you date? Gonna find yourself missing out on great opportunities.

    Girls I've been interested in fall into a vast range of appearances and they always been attractive to me because of their personality. I didn't date all of them because I don't date casually and I work out my own feelings came to understand I just care about em as friends :P but ya...

    As for me? I dunno, my looks aren't perfect, but they aren't horrible. I think the only things that really hold me back from dating are my lack in social skills (something I'm working on), my hesitant nature when it comes to dating because I have no interest to experience what I have again, and probably the occasional lack of confidence :P I'm quite confident in aspects of me, but sometimes I feel "Eh." But I usually get over it fine. I just really do suck at talking small talk or socializing. It's not easy :\


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  • yeah I've felt like that b4. looks really play a large role when people like you, but what's more important is your personality. your looks can be average but you're personality can make you a 10 in another persons eyes. that's how I've been with the people that I've dated. they thought they werent pretty enough for me but I saw their personality as a major compatibility. hope this helps

    • It helps a lot :) thank you for your answer ;)

  • Yeah I admit that I have felt like that once , but I came to the conclusion that you should always be the center of the world for your self , because you ARE the center of your world and making someone better than your self in your mind is really disastrous in a lot of odd ways .


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  • Yea looks matter a lot but overall its personality...(hi jaleel) haha

  • you can always change your look and style, personality is the key. but if you got neither well than I would be worried

  • Yes, looks really do matter. But how much varies on the individual.

    Looking good can be done in many ways. Your style & how you dress, your fitness & nutrition dedication to look and feel good, your hair, makeup & nails too.

    Feeling not sexy or not pretty enough for your date will translate & you'll come off as uncomfortable & awkward, which your date might misconstrue for you not taking an interest in him. Confidence is one of those things that needs to come from within & you have to fake it sometimes.


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