Are these signs of attraction or my imagination? I'm confused.

there is this guy I've known for a couple of months now and I was wondering if these signs he gives me are signs he likes me or is it in my imagination:

1. He acts strange by fidgetting around me and nobody else.

2. In a group he won't talk to me directly, but he will look at me.

3.when ever I talk or say something he laugh even though its not funny.

4.Look at me until I look at him.

5.He'll say something funny and look at me to see if I was laughing.

6.And every time he comes to class he sweats relly bad like under his arms.

7. He mimics everything I do, like if I st a certain way he would too but then realize it and he would stop.

8.He is very loud when talking to others but talks very calm and soft with me.

9.every time I am talking to somebodt eles and not him , he would stare really hard in my face. first I though he forgot everything I said to him the first time we talked but he didn't, like when he remembered that I loved volly ball and he wanted to play that on the last day of class.

11.He'll ask a question like who had an exam today and I would answer and then he won't ask anymore. day he was supposed to bring something to class but for got it and was very nervous.

13.when ever I talk to him, he stares into my eyes and no where eles.

14. And when we are left alone together he won't say anything but whistles and look around the room.

15.and like if I am in the hall way he would peek around the corner and see if I am out there and the he would come out there.

15. and lastly he love to talk about himself eveytime he is around me.

I know it's alot, but I could use some help on this it could mean a lot of things. Guys answers are mostly.


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  • he sure likes you but he kinda doesn't know how to come at you ... jst talk to him and when he asks you jst answer and the try askin something else ( keep the conversation going) and also giv him your number ... aftr some time for a reason (ex : so he can call you if you were late for class) .. he'll be so happy when he gets your num and will call in less than 2 days XD

    • i emailed him two weeks ago but he hasent emailed me back and he is a friend or mine on Facebook.

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    • isnt ther any party in the near future wher you can meet him ? aand if you still want to send ths email ... You could pm him of Facebook as your not sure he checks his email but he surely uses his face right? and as for the content try to think of any ques you wanted to ask him .. And if you talked to him before a couple of times .. You could pm him wth the purpose of saying hi! Thers nothin wrong about tht :D

    • ok I'll try, thank you:)

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  • Yes those are signs that he is attracted to you. He definitely likes you.

  • sounds like something a guy does around a girl he likes to me


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  • Yup,sure seems like he is interested in you.


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