My boyfriend thinks it is a big deal if I look around and sometimes (accidental) at other guys what should I do

I only do the regular looking around that the average human being would do. Then he'll tell me I'm trying too hard not to look if I just look straight ahead. There might be some guys in my view but he'll act like I'm staring at them because I glanced or something. I tell him this every time and still tells me I'm wrong. and sometimes I won't even be looking and he will swear I am. It makes it so uncomfortable to go out anywhere and I don't know how else to explain to him.


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  • How to explain to him? Tell him that crap is insecure as a mofo and he needs to quit being so controlling. If he's so terrified of you looking around as you walk somewhere, how is he going to handle other issues that come up?

    He needs to calm himself down, work on this insecurity, and quit being silly.


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