Do you still dress like how your ex would like you to?

did your girl/boy help you with a style of clothes you wore and after the relationship has ended do you still find yourself buying things she or he would say looked good on. I find myself doing that as I like her style and the things she thought would look good on me even though we aren't together anymore


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  • No. None of my boyfriends EVER told me how to dress. If they did I would end it right then and there.

    • preach it sister

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    • thats harsh. my ex didn't say if you don't wear this I wouldn't be seen with you. she just suggested things that would suit me and sometimes she was right.

    • That's different than telling someone they have to dress a certain way or something. Suggestions are fine.

  • No freaking way. My ex liked super girlie girls dressed in Hollister and Abercrombie. I'm sorry to say I actually shopped there when I was with him in order to impress him, but no longer. However, I still have the clothes I bought when I was with him and wear them sometimes, but I wear them with edgier pieces.


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