What are somethings guys find attractive or sexy?

OK, there is this guy and we used to have a "thing" going, but he has been eyeing someone else, I'm trying to get his attention back on me, What should I do? Like any sexy way to wear clothes, or anything guys find attractive, Also, what are some turn offs that I should make sure to not get involved with.?


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  • the guy will notice if you start wearing different things and trying to be sexier around him. and if he's eying someone else it may be too late.

    I don't know what kind of guy he is- but if he isn't a player type- then you really just have to appeal to his "dream girl" sense.

    as for a sexy way to wear clothes? there isn't one. and even if there was guys wouldn't notice.

    you had a thing going once. figure out what fueled it- and ramp it up. that'll get him.

    • Thank you;; && I hope its not too late, we have talked about it before and he said I just chose a bad time to ask him out. I think I waited too long, we are still close friends so that makes me feel like I have a chance still. && I should of worded "sexy way to wear clothes" differently like what kind of sexy clothes? show a lot or little leg, Clevage? I don't wanna look like a slut though. haha

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    • good luck!

    • Thank you:]

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