Am I a girl your mom would be proud to call daughter-in-law?

Hello there, my name's Scarlett and I'm 17. I'm going to meet my boyfriend's mother in about a week and I'm quite nervous. Actually, I'm VERY nervous. lol. He's been the only guy I've ever had a relationship with, so of course I've never done this before.

Here's a description of myself:

I can speak both english and spanish. My goal is to become a neonatologist. I play the violin and guitar. I also love to read fictional books and volunteering during my free time. I love swimming and talking walks to relax. I do not use profanity when I'm speaking.

I'm also very polite and caring. I am a pretty good cook. Also, I'm very laid-back. I've been told I dress like a rocker chick. I'm not exactly sure what a "rocker chick" would dress like. But I'm usually wearing a leather jacket, a blazer, or a light cardigan on top of a t-shirt or a dressy tank top, jeans, heels or converse. Also, any advice? Thanks :)


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  • Well, MY mother would call me a cradle robber. As for his mother, I think she'd be happy. She might be a little scared of the "rocker chick" attire, so you might consider dressing up a bit if you want to leave a good first impression. But you sound like daughter-in-law material to me.


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  • you're only 17, you shoudn't be worried. I don't think his mom even see's you as her future daughter in law.


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  • Don't think about marriage right now, you are 17; I myself am 17. You sound like a very lovely young lady talented, intelligent, sweet and caring. If I were a mother I would love my son to date someone like yourself. Just relax and don't sweat it, you'll be fine. She's gonna like you :) I'm sure of it.

  • i like your name because I like the movie gone with the wind.

    I think you sound good. there's nothing bad that you mentioned about yourself.


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