Instead of wearing make-up and then disappointing the guy later on...

...why don't girls not wear makeup and then surprise the guy?

if a guy is used to seeing you with makeup and then he sees you without it he'll probably be disappointed that you're not as pretty naturally.

but if he's used to seeing you without it and that's normal to him, then surprising him by wearing makeup one day will make him pleased with how beautiful you can look.

does that make sense?

and this isn't supposed to be a dig at any girls. I just know a lot of girls who I think are super pretty with makeup but don't look as good without it. not bad, just not as good.


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  • that's just like instead of surprising the guy on how your body looks, let's just be naked and go to the dated naked because he's going to see your body naked anyways.

    that's lame

    make up is a tool for self expression and it makes some girls feel more clothed and less naked.

    it has nothing to do with hiding one's true self.

    and besides, one's true self is in the inside or the way a person thinks and feels not looks.

    If you really think about it, a guy that later will either

    A. say something mean about a girl that wears makeup

    B. say something mean about how a girl looks better with make up and ugly without

    C. say something about how a girl should wear her make up a certain way

    they should really focus more on her personality and characteristics. there's more important things than just make up here.



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What Guys Said 5

  • that actually works and happened to a girl at my martial arts school. I thought she was very pretty already but came in dressed up for a party one time (before I would always see her with her hair tucked and wearing sport gear and not the attractive sexy kind)

    i was blown away.

  • *shrugs* women are weird. Natural always makes a guy happy usually. There are no surprises and natural looks so much better to me. Even if it's not the "dolled up standard" society has.

    Though, it seems women wear make up to compete with other women or for themselves more than anything so whatever.

  • girls wearing make up is never going to change, 99 percent of the girls I see at bars wear make up when going out, lots of girls I know that are pretty without make up still wear it even though they are plain jane beauties and I don't think they need them, if you can go without make up, you definitely should but if you are, minimal is the key without making major changes to how you look, if you can learn to enhance your look, that is a good thing. for instance, I don't see anything wrong with using a little eye liner to bring out your eyes,

    just some simple blush, a little cherry chapstick and some eyeliner works wonders, you don't need to look like a parrot

  • I've always said this. This is a really good idea. Maybe you should try it and tell us how it goes.

  • I don't mind a bit of make up. I mean its not a big deal if you do or don't wear make up tbh.


What Girls Said 6

  • Well,i don't live my life for a guy.The things I do,wear,etc is NOT for a Guy.Its all for me.When I put on makeup,thats all for me.I enjoy wearing makeup just to spice things up! Some people have troubled skin whereas they get unsightly blemishes and because of this ,they FEEL better wearing makeup.Screw a guy if he doesn't like what you look like without it. He's not for you if that's the case. Women should wear what they feel like wearing.

  • Well if they were just wearing makeup to make themselves more appealing to him, I'd say there's a problem anyways.

    But yeah, I get your point. I only wear makeup for like special occasions, or when I'm going out somewhere nice.

  • When I wear makeup its to make ME happy.

    The most I embellish is my eyes. Of course my skin tone is more even when I use foundation.

    The thing is, if a guy is that put off by my makeup-less face then he isn't the guy for me, because to be honest I look not too much different without makeup.

    If we waited for makeup, that would mean that I would have to live the majority of my single days makeup free, just in case someone found me attractive WITH makeup on, then it would be the whole "false advertising thing."

    I prefer to use the no makeup idea as a test. If you still dig me after that, then we are cool.

    I wear makeup every day, and that will never change, no matter if a guy was telling me to not wear it.

  • because in order to do that, you'd have to establish a pattern of not wearing makeup regularly which many girls wouldn't like to do. I see what you're trying to say but I wouldn't not wear makeup just for that reason. I like makeup, I do it for me and I see it as an art form so what a guy thinks really doesn't have much stock in it at all. plus I don't wear much makeup anyway, only on my eyes so I don't really look that different. I have gotten more compliments from guys when I'm barefaced for some reason. the only guys who have complimented my makeup have been gay lol

  • I don't wear makeup for guys... I wear it for *me*. I may or may not be dating someone at any given time, but I always want to look my best & makeup helps me feel that way, in addition to maintaining good hygiene, working out & eating healthily.

    I'm certainly not going to "surprise" a guy with me wearing no makeup. I'm still pretty without it & I've been told that. If I stay the night, naturally I will remove my makeup & that will be the end of it. When I wake up & shower in the morning, it goes right back on.

  • No, it doesn't make sense because guys can notice it when girls are putting make-up on. Besides, some guys love it too.

    P.S. I don't wear make-up :)


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