Dress for a ball costs about?

I'm in the Marine Corps and I am planning on bringing my best friend to the Marine Corps birthday ball. Now, I am paying for everything, she's a college student, there's no way I would expect her to buy a dress and shoes and whatever else you girls need to a formal party type thing. I am also, however, planning my budget around things I want to do with her over winter, like skydiving and stuff.

Is there any type of range for a nice ball type dress and accessories that I can be expecting?
Okay, so I talked to her yesterday, very exciting conversation, she said she even be willing to fly all the way to California if I get stationed her to go with me, I'm excited. So, I asked her about what she'd need and she insisted that she has enough formal dresses from all the high school dances she's been to, I went to homecoming with her, she was beautiful.

But what I am wondering is, would I buy her a corsage for a ball? I won't be able to wear a boutonniere because I'll be in uniform.


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  • I think it's incredibly sweet that you want to pay for everything for her by the way.

    It all kind of depends on the girl. The formal events I've gone to I've found a dress for under $80 and I usually don't buy new shoes unless I come across the perfect pair (has only happened once) that complement the dress really well. As for jewelry, I don't wear much so I might use a nice necklace I already have or borrow one from my mom (she usually gets sentimental when I dress up and wants to contribue because she's cute like that). Other than that, there's the hair, make-up and (possibly) undergarments that work with the dress. Again, with makeup it really depends, she could be simple like me and do her own or want it done, same with the hair. The undergarments, well, I'd definitely let her take care of those herself. All told, I'd say a formal event usually runs around $100-150 for me, and that's high-balling it, but as I said I'm a simple kind of girl. Other girls will have different budgets, depending on what they consider necessary and the amount of money they usually have to work with. I tend to pay for everything myself and raised in a money-conscious working-class household. If your girl is from the same kind of background, she'll probably fall within my budget range, perhaps a little higher ($200ish), but if she grew up in a house with more resources, then it would be higher.

    Now, as I said, it's really sweet of you to want to pay for things, but I honestly think it would be enough if you covered her dress- the rest I would think she can afford to take care of, even as a college student, provided you give her some time to work it into her budget. I say this from my own experience, having paid my own tuition through college I know money can be tight, but if you plan and are smart, you can still spring for the things you want.

    • oh, I'm not worried about the actual cost as in I might not have enough, I was also raised in a working class household, so I don't spend much money on myself. I pay for everything of hers if I can, like movie tickets, food, drinks, baseball tickets, I enjoy spending money on her, so I'll be covering everything, she doesn't like it, but it will happen.

      Haha, and I didn't even thing about the undergarments, that could have been an awkward shopping trip...or very pleasant. :)

    • I think a corsage is always a nice touch, but I don't know what the tradition is at military balls...

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  • If she doesn't mind, shoes can be as low as 30. Though 40 is more realistic.

    Dress is 100-200

    I'm sure she already owns jewelry. If she's getting her hair done it'll be at least 60.

    Just depends on what kind of girl she is.

  • dress: 2-300

    accessions - 200

  • you can find a nice dress for 100-150

    shoes for 60

    earrings/bracelet 40

    total = 250

    ... granted, if you know where to look, you can find these things for WAY less. I bet she'll already have shoes and jewelry that would work for whatever dress she ends up choosing.

    • Okay, excellent. that's not much at all. I was planning in like the 600's range. I may be a little off then, haha.

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    • haha, oh we will. any night that I spend with her is amazing. unfortunately I'm stuck in that damned friend zone

    • ah...that's unfortunate. I hope she sees what she has in front of her :)

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