Cologne vs. Perfume?

Why does contemporary society call Men's fragrances Cologne? and Women's fragrances Perfume?

In reality Cologne and Perfume are two completely different products. In colognes, Alcohol composition is small - 5% (Therefore fragrance does not last as long and you have to apply more). In perfumes, Alcohol composition is high- 30% (You apply small amounts and the fragrance lasts all day).

I know in some countries they don't "follow the rule" of calling Men's fragrances calling Men's fragrances Cologne just a U.S thing? or quite universal?


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  • It's not true that perfume with 30% Alcohol content last all day. The trick with wearing perfume is that you have the shower with the same fragrant shower gel, moisturize your skin with the same brand of fragrant lotion, use the same brand of anti deodorant and than use spray perfume before you leave the house. THAN.. your perfume will last all day.

    The thing is, Cologne doesn't have all that.

    Yes, even in asia it's called Cologne, except men here don't wear Cologne and the street smells like hell in the summer of Hong Kong

    • They don't use deodorant? I don't put on "cologne" or "perfume" unless its a special occasion but would never walk out the door without wearing any deodorant.

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  • Because men think perfume sounds girlie and society is kinda sexist , so men can't be remotely OK with wearing women's stuff

    • Well, I don't know but "perfume" does not sound very feminine to me nor do I care THAt much about it that I'd be particular that it must be called cologne or its not guyish.

      I have seen guys wear some of the tightest pants (feminine) along with other things that don't exactly say masculine.

  • Hmm I never knew this, but I always associate men's fragrances with cologne because it sounds more masculine, whereas perfumes sound feminine

  • omg is no one just content with plain ol' soap? it makes ya smell just as good and probably better and it ain't expensive? why even bother as long as ya don't smell bad geez people have become so prissy these days! call me country but I don't get it!


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