Are my new clothes hipster looking?

i went back to school shopping and my friends and siblings were making fun of me for buying hipster clothes. I don't think it counts as hipster if you bought them at all mall.

here are pictures of my clothes

h ttp://s1129.photobucket.c om/albums/m515/lmt1/

this is the kinda stuff most my friends wear

h ttp://w ww.polyvore.c om/country-girly-preppy_for_howlinhottie/set?id=33184902


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  • I don't see much of a difference. I consider 'hipster' and 'prep' the same general thing...dressing trendily...I don't understand why they're dissing it. They're cute and form-fitting clothes. I don't stick to one 'kind'...I love to mix and match. I wear anything that looks good on me.


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  • no, it's just your style girlfriend, wear it proudly!


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  • They are not hipster at all! My school is dominated by hipsters, and I can safely say that your clothes would not make you a hipster.

  • If that's what society defines as hipster now I don't want to live anymore. There is a huge difference between "mainstream hipster" and "actual hipster"

    Mainstream hipster

    - uses instagram

    - listens to bon iver

    - wears see through button downs

    - talks about everything and everyone being hipster

    Actual hipster

    [error #394 hipsters cannot be subject to an actual definition they are all different and hate you]

    I swear to god society needs serious help with the obsession with branding everyone and trying to fit into a certain cultural clique.


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