What should the dress code be? (directed at girls)

I'm having my 18th birthday in a few months and I'm not sure what I should tell people for the dress code. I'm having a fall harvest kind of theme, with yellow orchre and auburn orange colors, it'll be an outdoor dinner party that will eventually transfer into the house as it gets late. the decorations will have a kind of vintage indie look, with lace and sunflowers and floral prints and off white colors etc. and the playlist will consist of a lot of sixties and seventies music, like peter frampton, steve miller band, there'll be some of "the like", and the pipettes, abunch of other stuff like that.

so my main problem is, I wan't people to dress up nice, like a cocktail dress, but I still want it to be casual, maybe a sundress paired with some boots. but what do I call it to make sure people don't show up in thier prom dresses?


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  • I know the kind of attire you mean, but I don't know how to describe it.

    I think your best bet would be to go to Polyvore and find pictures of attire you think is appropriate and send those pictures to your guests as suggestions for proper attire.

    It sounds like a lovely party and I hope you have a good time.


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  • dang! I think for my 18th birthday, I bought myself a pack of cigarettes, smoked 3 in bed, then threw the rest out.

    tell people to wear 60's and 70's style sundresses. that way, it'll be cute and dressy, but not formal. if you say cocktail dress, that's going more toward satin and formal stuff.

    have fun!


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