I want to lose this flab, looks worse sitting down?

and yes I'm sticking out...ahahahahah

i laid back on the weed... am I fat be honest it won't hurt one bit
real heart tattoo


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  • I like the tat! And no, you're not fat. It might do you some good to lose a little of the flab, but I'm definitely a fan of that pic! (it looks like some of the fat went to your boobs too ;))

    Attractiveness is all about confidence, and even though toning your stomach may do you some good, do it only if it will make you feel more confident. Don't do it if others tell you to and you don't want to!

    And by the way, I've always been a fan of bigger girls. Not sure why, I've always felt weird about it...


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  • Hey, you sent me a message. My browser isn't able to open it though... Can you mail it to me? I didn't have any other way to contact you.

    ANyway, you don't look fat.

  • You just have a randomly big belly.

    I guess all the fat kind of settled there because the rest of your body is pretty normal.

    Cardio time, I guess.

    • its cause of the beer and shots and weed...but ya food to..im trying to work I so busy then when not I smoke weed and sleep but k thanks

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  • U don't have to cut back on the weed lol. Just need self control when you get the munchies. I smoke weed a lot and have lost twenty lbs in two and a half months.you aren't fat, your muscles are just loose.

    • as the one guy said in Couples Retreat, layer after layer of dormant relaxed muscle :)

  • ur arms and waist can do with a little slimming down... it will do wonders to how your body looks...

  • stairmaster. it hurts like hell but it works

  • I don't think you're fat. My stomach pokes out like that to. And is worse when I sit down. If you want to loose it, try doing aerobic exercises. Don't be insecure about your body either. I don't know about you, but when I was insecure about my body, my flab didn't go down when I worked out, because I was always stressing about it. Oh and if you have bigger than b cups, it'll be harder to get rid of the flab. Because you have fat in your boobs.

    • im a 34 c heheheh and I'm I jus started my period but anyways excuses NO I'm trying to loose it thanks girl :)

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    • aww you guys we need to all hug I'm serious :( you guy stop it and seriously why don't you do something about it and I'm saying that in the nicest manner and instead of making fun of it with 2 fats chicks..go and eat good I can't remmember the last time I had chips or a damn ass fry its easy to jus stay away..but working out if hard..u girl don't worry about the days back than when rude ass kids bullying you ! buttholes..

    • You are really nice QA. And IronBuild. If you see this. I am truly sorry.

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