Is it bad to look bad for your age???

i am young and people always think I am older than what I am.

Boys think I am 1- years older than what I am.And one time I was at restaurant and when I went up to the drink thing this old lady thought I worked there and she told me I look like I did but I have at least 4 more ear till I can I work if you can work when you 16. Even people at my school think I am older than what I am.

is this a bad thing or a good thing?
*1-4 years older


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  • If you think that it is a bad thing,than it is a bad thing and

    If you think that it is a good thing than it is a good thing as SIMPLE as that.

    It's all as per your thinking.

    Dont give a DAMN care so as to what people say, GOOD or BAD, always be happy within yourself .

    I personally look older and I like that.

    It is good that you look mature at a young age,according to me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • no.. I'm 17 and some say I look younger..

    • But her problem is the opposite. People think she is quite than older than she actually is.

      I'm in the same boat as you, Habakkuk - I guess I look a little younger than I actually am. I used to work retail, and one day I was running the cash register and this lady comes through my line in the middle of the day, and says to me "What are you doing out of school?" if I was supposed to be in high school or something.

    • I told her that I was on Spring Break, which was true, at the time I was on Spring Break...from college. I was 25 years old when that happened.

    • not a bad problem to have when you're 30 though... if that's your correct age? less convenient when you're 17, but whatever, I'm cool with it.

What Girls Said 1

  • no it's not a bad thing I'm 18 and every time I go some wear people tell me I look like I'm at least 21 if not 25 I guess it's just the way I carry myself and the way I dress when I go out. It's funny to play with people cause no one thinks I'm 18 . LOL


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