Ok seriously why does this happen with almost every guy I have a crush on or like…

so the guy I like used to be so mean to me like calling me stupid then he started giving compliments then he just started to apologize a lot then he stopped talking to me and only stared at me every once in awhile. then he started flirting with this other girl like three days ago(I think i’m not sure if it was flirting) and now he’s totally ignoring me….and today his friends told him to get a girls number(I guess) and he ended up getting some older girls number in the class I have with him….and his friends were saying like he's a player and that he should ask her out and if he was going to call her but even tho I know he said “dude i’ve known her since like kindergarden so no….” I still think that he's kind of a jerk or trying to hurt me or something but idk….but seriously what does all this mean?….idk should I just give up….?

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and now he's started talking to me again.and today he was like you wanna see something funny.so I looked at him and he took a book and made it smack his legs then head three times really fast and he's like it doesn't even hurt.
well I found out that he doesn't like me because after I wrote a note to him, he didn't answer so I had my friend ask him what his answer was and he said "not really, I'm kind of interested in someone else right now"
.wat do you think this means I think it means he doesn't like me.but some of my friends say that he could have just said that because he didn't want to tell my friend.wat do you think?


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  • No you should not give up. This is what happened guy likes girl and can't think of what to say so easiest way to talk is to tease her. Guy feels guilrty about teasing girl because he likes her so starts being friendly. Guy oppolijizes to girl a lot because he thinks he might have hurt the girl with his teasing. Guy realizes nothing he is doing is working s he moves onto someone else but still likes girl.when a guy is talking to you no matter what he is doing if its more then a cupple of times he enjoys your company and likes being around you.if the girl doesn't respond after a while the guy thinks you don't like him. All you have to do is say I would like to do something with you jack. Or what ever his first name is and you solve the whole problem. Smile when you say this. The guy will say yes. I can tell I'm a guy. Do this and you'll have him. Go to a caffe or a cool resturaunt. Take this out of school and you can move it to the next level. All the attention negative and positive were all different techneaks to talk to you. The ignoring was the frustration that none of them got you to like him. (So he thought) let him no you realy did like him.


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  • he's a jerk. I would never call a girl "stupid" even if I don't like her.

  • As crazy as it sounds if he is into someone else he could still like you. just likes the other person more. Or he could be nervous. I would ask him to do something as friends and it will give you a chance to get to know him. Then you will be in such a better position to take it to the next level. Remember guys don't have problems with going from friends to girlfriends. Becoming his friend first increases your chances with him as much as knowing the boss personaly increases your chance of getting the job. Become his friend. Remember never go by what a guy says go by what he does what his actions are. If he is hanging out with you that means he is into you on some level.

  • He likes you. Why are you waiting. All this attention he is giving to you is because he wants your attention. I'm a guy I can tell that he likes you. Just ask him to lunch and he will say yes. Don't listen to the other people. He is into you everything he is doing is just an excuse. Its just an excuse to look at you, talk to you, have you look back. Can't you see behind the mask. Look past the illusion. Its all just an excuse to be around you. Its all because he likes you!


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  • LOL* As crazy as it may sound, I think I'm going to go with Anonymous Guy.

    Given your age (under 18), what you've described is pretty much classic behavior from a guy who may be crushing on a girl, but isn't quite sure how to talk to her, or where he stands with her.

    When you mentioned that he came up to you and started smacking his head and his legs with books and stated that it "didn't hurt", I almost started ROTFL! OMG! That is classic! He likes you I believe. Why on earth would a guy do that in front of a girl if he didn't? Oh, and the teasing (although it may be annoying at times--trust me, I've been there) is basically just a guys' way of showing you that he likes you (even if it's just as a friend).

    Most guys don't "tease" people they don't like, even as buddies. That's just how guys are. Next time he teases you, just tease him back in a flirty way. It shows that you're smart, witty, and confident. Always tease him with a smile on your face though, so he knows that you're not mad/serious.

    Maybe he really does like this other girl better than you. If so, don't worry. Still continue to be nice to him. I think he may like the both of you. Maybe the other girl just showed him more signs that she was interested. At any rate, you should let him come to you, and just ask him a few questions here and there. EVentually he'll get over his nervousness long enough to have a "NORMAL" conversation with you, and he wont' resort to teasing and embarrassing himself in front of you to get your attention. LOL*

  • yes, yes, yes

    you should give up.

    his friend said he is a player, and I think he is a jerk, he wants to know as much girls as possible to date them and go out with!

    just give up for sometime and see how he will respond, if he didn't care for you, then he don't want you anymore.

    other wise he might be a type of guys that wants to know girls as close friends, not more.

    GOOD LUCK =)

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