How do I get past looking younger than I am?

I'm almost 21 but people still mistake me for being 16, especially girls my age.

This becomes a problem when I'm trying to find a date...No one takes me seriously because they think I'm in high school and if I start by announcing my age it usually puts people off (not that anyone believes me when I tell them anyway...).

I know other people have this problem, and if so, how did you manage it?

Is there a line you say that works your age into the conversation?

How can you get them to pay attention to you in the first place?

And would you date a person that looks much younger than you?

I have confidence, I can flirt, I dress well, and I don't necessarily act like I did in high school, so what am I doing wrong?


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  • Hey there,

    First off, I totally understand where you are coming from. People had always thought I was younger then my real age and I felt that was really annoying.

    Indeed I would think people don't take me serious and so forth. But what is more and more working for me is that I actually grow to TAKE MYSELF SERIOUSLY.

    28 age by now, people often think I am 23/24. When I was 23/24 there were people who thought I was 18 or so.. Made me very upset!

    A genuine answer: Look at your clothing. What are you wearing? This is quite a hard thing, since if you do like to dress more 'streetstyle' you will def look younger then when you will wear more spencers and stuff.

    Try to grow a little beard.

    But above all - it's really a mental thing - you have to transfer subconsicouly to your convo partner you take YOURSELF SERIOUSLY.

    How you LOOK like is perhaps 20%, but 80% is your ATTITUDE.

    Start with taking yourself serious. Be calm and collected. You will be fine.

    • I tend to dress very stylishly, I tossed all the band and novelty shirts when I graduated. My job requires me to be clean cut and I am very keen as to what I am saying and how I say it. But I'll keep working at my swagger.


    • That sounds great. And you seem very polite as you are very quick in responding at my answer. Appreciating that! I think this will help too: by holding onto your own good manners ( girls like that).

      And being considerate in what you say to anybody. The good girls like boys like you. It actually works magnetic if you keep true to yourself. For sure. ;)

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  • I'm 22 and I look like I'm still in high school. I'm used to get getting carded everywhere (including the movies) and I just joke around about it. I also try and dress older and make sure that I look nice when I go places. And when I'm out at dinner or something I'll get drink so then obviously people will know I'm at least 21. Same for going out to the bar, I stay away from the 18 and over clubs (mostly cause it looks like there's 15 year olds in there and its annoying) and go real bars where bouncers will ID you and only let you in with a real ID, not a fake. Even at my job I always try and dress business casual even though when I got hired they told me I could wear jeans if I wanted as long as it was office appropriate but I don't want to walk around and have people think I'm just some kid hanging out in the city. I also mention that I just graduated talk about what I want to do and things like that.

    On the other hand looking younger does come in handy, like on days when I just need to run around and do a bunch of errands I don't need to get dressed I can just go out in sweats and people will just think I'm a teenager who just doesn't care instead of an adult who was just too lazy to care that day.

  • you're really hot by the way lol. anyways sometimes I have the same issue. most people think I look my age and others think I look younger. its better to look younger because you age slower rather than being 21 and you look 30 lol

  • You're really cute

  • how tall are you?


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  • link

    I asked this question a few years back because I was in the exact same spot - and I totally hear you, I'm 27 now. At that time, I dressed differently, grew facial hair, tried all different things and nothing really worked. The only difference since I asked that question back then is that I've accepted the young-looking thing and tried to roll with it as much as possible...and it has helped some. Good luck sir.

    • Guess I gotta just roll with the punches, right? Thanks for the answer!

    • Elaborating on some of your original points: I would reference things in conversation (like favorite films, music, etc.) that only people of a certain age and up would likely know, and carried myself in a mature fashion, which definitely helped my perception with women who may have thought I was boyish-looking. Since you have confidence and are actively flirting, that's half the battle right there, good luck to you!

  • Dude trust me in the long run, it's a good thing.

    • I agree. When you get older Question Asker, you'll appreciate how youthful you look.

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