Ladies what are some ways a guy can be your secret admirer?

I would like to be this girls seacret admirorer but I don't want to make her nervous. How can a guy make a girl realy excited without making her worry. She does not know I like her yet.


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  • AWW! that's so cute.just sign stuff as "your secret admirer" Maybe don't leave stuff at her house or at her car, because then she might worry, but like, if you go to school, put a rose on her desk or a note in her locker. Be really SWEET when you write notes.anything really deep or that isn't "rated PG" shouldn't be on there because that will freak a girl out. Go slowly and sweetly, that's all I can think of. Good luck, and remember, girls LOVE secret admirers just like we love guys who hold doors. It's that prince charming thing that every girl secretly likes. :)


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  • Make sure it actually seems like its a guy. If she has bitchy friends, she might think its somebody playing a trick on her. I'd suggest putting cds somewhere where'll she find them. I love music and I'd love if a guy had a song that, whenever he heard it, thought of me.

  • i would say go for it.with what the other girl said as long as you feel there is some connection there and you have talked to her before.


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