What can I do to never lose her?

i dated a beautiful girl in high school then joined the army. we still talked and we stopped because she was scared that I would die in afghanistan. well I didn't and I'm out of the army now. it has been 4 years since we dated but we are dating again. I live in ohio and I plan to move to tenn in january she is going to finish school and then her and her child are going to move in with me in june. I don't ever want to lose her what can I do to make sure that she's happy every day that she doesn't get bored and thatwe stay happy just give me a shitload of tips because I love her to death and can't stand losing her


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  • Here are a few tips to help you keep this girl:

    Don't worship her.

    Don't make her the center of your life.

    Don't act like you're whipped.

    It's counter-intuitive, but the more you devoted you seem to her, the more likely a girl is to get bored with you, and the weaker the relationship is.

    Because this relationship is fairly new and had an on-again/off-again beginning, you should devote 70-80% of your energy to your life away from her -- career, friends, hobbies, schooling. Devote 20-30% of your energy to the relationship. Women like a guy who's strong and independent, who has goals in life. Be faithful to her, but invest in your life as well. Devote most of you energy to those goals and ambitions, but leave an opening for her in your life. This formula applies to her, as well. You can't be a healthy partner unless your life is strong apart from one another.

    Also, I suggest both of you get therapy and counseling. As a combat vet, some counseling might be good even if you've had it already -- my brother in law's PTSD didn't show up until he was out of Iraq for a year.

    If you're planning on marriage, pre-marital counseling is 100% beneficial because it offers a neutral person's educated opinion on your communication and relationship.

    Good luck!

    • Well I am the oppose of what you told.I like the men who worship me and who devote most of their time and energy for me.

    • This answer was based on my own experience. Others might have good reason to disagree, but I think my experience is fairly typical of American guys.

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  • aww.. cute story. :) well just be faithful honeybee, tell her how much you love her and more importantly show her how much you love her. but spontaneous when things are getting slow. take her some where special. nice changes of scenery always excite me. oh! and try and act enthused when you talk to her, even after a long day at work, she is eager to visit with you and it can be a real buzz kill to conversate with a bubblehead, full attention darling!

    welp, good luck! :)

  • Don't cheat.

    Tell her you love her everyday -- provided you actually mean it.

    Keep your sense of humor about things.

    Keep the romance in the relationship -- this will keep her from getting "bored" as someone else mentioned might happen.

    And although I disagree with most of the post from the aforementioned person, I do agree that a counselor might be a good idea, at least for a couple years post-Afghanistan.


  • Don't cheat on her and never change how you feel about her at the moment.


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  • The #1 thing you can do to not lose a girl is not to get lost in her.

    In other words, be your own man, be strong, and try to take it easy and relax.

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