Average men and beautiful girls?

I walk around and always see "beautiful" girls with "handsome" men...granted they had the confidence to approach the girl however..sometimes the guy turns up to be a douche and she winds up dumping him..which got me thinking..

So my question is..should average men (with good hearts) be able to approach these women...I understand that "too nice" CAN happen but..put it this way..is it not better than having a douche-bag treat you like crap?


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  • Should average women (with good hearts) end up with the "handsome" men? Sure, but it's unlikely. Plus you're assuming that most handsome men are douche bags that treat their girls like crap, not always the case. I know some pretty amazing hot guys, and some pretty douchey average guys.


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  • link

    This girl had the same question, but vice versa. All the guys got pissed & through a hissy fit, what is your take on her question?

    • yeah but look at the best answer that was selected. a bit biased, isn't it?

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  • Where I live there a smokiin' hot girls with goofy looking guys. Just because she's beautiful don't mean she'll say no. Besides if she does its jus a two letter word. And as they say "theres plenty of fish in the sea."


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