Which makeup and clothes should I wear to each event?

i came up with four really cute makeup looks and outfits and I have four events coming up and want to know which one I should wear to each.

here's the events

1. fun casual summer party

2. hike and picnic with friends (my friends LOVE taking pics so I have to look camera ready)

3. casual dinner and movie date with a guy I kinda like and wanna impress

4. outdoor concert

here's the makeup looks.

1. lilac shadow and clear gloss

2. aqua blue liner and sheer pink gloss

3. chocolate brown and champagne shadow and peachy pink gloss

4. light pink and sparkly silver shadow and sheer red (tiny tint of red) gloss

here's the outfits.

1. spaghetti strap tunic with thin red and white stripes, dark blue jeggings

2. cream colored corset top with black flower print, black shorts

3. teal tank top with silver stripe design, white shorts

4. red and white flower print v neck top, dark blue denim shorts


Most Helpful Guy

  • if you're going hiking, the idea of spending time trying to put on makeup and look pretty seems kinda... mentally retarded. I mean, you do know what hiking is, right?

    • When a group of girls go hiking it usually means walking down a little mountain trail. It's a very tame event.

    • Well how can you really even call that hiking?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Do Number 2

    ew...that actually doesn't sound right...


What Girls Said 1

  • 1.for the fun casual summer party: 4 and 3

    2.for the hike: 1 and 1

    3. casual dinner: 3 and 2

    4. outdoor concert: 2 and 4 I guess


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