What do you want in a man?

This is just a simple sort of survey. I'd like to know what girls like to see in guys. What kind of personality do you want him to have? What would want his face and/or body to look like? Any other things that would make a guy "right" for you.


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  • Personality (which is the most important thing):

    A sense of humour always works on me.

    He needs to respect me as an equal in the relationship.

    He should have a very manly character, meaning no drama, I know guys have feelings but if he starts expressing his more than I do we have a problem. The whole manly character thing is hard to explain but I hope you guys get it.

    I like a guy who knows what he wants and goes after it.

    I hate a guy who would even think about cheating on me.

    The perfect guy for me should have a really strong character with a soft spot for me :)


    Preferably taller than me.

    Doesn't matter if he's blond or brunette, but he need to pick nice haircuts that suit him cause hair is very important for me. Don't care if takes care of it or not but the style has to be good.

    As long as I can see strenght in his face everything about it is OK, he doesn't necessarily have to look good.

    For the body, almost everything is OK as long he's not freakishly over or under weight. I prefer a body that's in shape, but since I'm rarely in shape I'm tolerant to the guy if he's not in shape either.

    His hands are very important, they should be big, I don't care about his penis but the hands have to be big.

    Speaking of penis, again no high preferences, my breasts and ass are not perfect so I don't expect it of his penis either XD

    Pretty much covers things :) The most important thing for is for the guys to love me and care about me as much as I do for him, because when in a relationship I really put myself out there and tend to get really hurt...


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  • personality__

    He would have to be at least a little bit funny, but not all the time cause that get's annoying

    A guy that is protective of me, maby gets a little jealous but not much

    Someone who's kind and caring

    someone who even when I'm saying everything is fine doesn't stop asking me what's wrong until I tell him

    I want a manly man not a geek who sits at a computer no offence I want a man a leader someone who's going to tell you how it is and have respect

    he has to be some what of a fam man

    very sexual or pervy but only with me

    someone who like to show pda

    who can make me smile even when I'm yelling at him cause I'm mad

    some one who will stick by my side even if I'm wrong

    an outgoing guy

    someone who's a little cockey

    and has scarcasm but is only playing not in a mean way


    Tall as in around 6'2 or taller

    someone with strong arms, so he can carry me if I get to tired or sick or somenthing

    muscly , or athletic a 6 pack or at least a flat tummy

    healthy looking hair

    someone who has style who can rock a white v neck, dark wash jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket (((thats really sexy to me when a guy can pull this off and look hot in it))

    tanish I don't want a pale man I want someone that get's a little sun even if it's barely noticable don't want to look like I'm dating a twilight wanna be

    perly white teeth

    a super sexy smirk I don't know y but I love a guy with a sexy smirk

    i want him to have man hands, big rough hands that know how to grab tehe

    no acne if he's so young that he's got acne all over his face then I'm sorry but that's a no no for me

    big kissable lips with a tounge that know's what its doing

  • Down to Earth



    Loyal / Honest

    Goal Oriented

    • Okay. Now using complete sentences, please tell me what all of that means.

    • Lol k:

      Down to Earth - realistic with a capacity for in depth understanding.

      Affectionate - showing / giving me physical accounts of his love for me (lots of kissing, hugging etc..)

      Thoughtful - has his own perspective / opinions, thought provoking ideas...

      Loyal / Honest - pretty self explanatory. Just be there for me...

      Goal Oriented - has ambition / purpose for his life, doesn't sit around waiting, shoots to achieve.

  • My ideal physical look is this link though I'm honestly not picky about looks.

    I like guys who are smart and intellectual and who I can have a conversation with. He also has to be witty, quick, and slightly sarcastic. I love a guy who can make me laugh, which isn't an easy task. I like a guy who is relaxed and down to earth, someone I can just chill with. I have a soft spot for artists and musicians, though that's certainly not a requirement. There also have to be shared interests, and I'm a quirky, sort of offbeat person. I would prefer and gentleman, and perhaps a scholar.

  • caring, trusting, funny, loyal

  • I would like mine to be pretty tall. At least by a good few inches, so I can wear talk heels o like special events or a night out for a nice dinner of the sort.

    He has to be able to make me laugh. Not like a "oh. That's kinda funny." but more of a "OMFG THATS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS" and makes me wanna laugh out loud, not just giggle.

    he has to be able to socialize, I hate shy guys, so hard to make a conversation with them... Which leads to the next one of not a conversation killer with one word answers or replies. Can't be awkward..

    He can't be dense. I hate it when you're trying to give them a hint and they don't understand.. Or when they tease you a lil, it's okay, but they should know when to stop before it REALLY pisses you off, some guys just keep pushing it.

    They need to know when to compliment you appropriately and not overdo it...

    Attentative. When they pay attention to all the little details, like what you usually order at starbucks and how you like it (like nonfat or just 2 brown sugars or something) or if you don't wear earrings and one day you do and he says he likes them or something.. Makes you feel special :D

    Those are what I can think of for now haha


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