Know a guy from a dating service that is a FB friend?

So I was on my OKCupid profile the other day and I sae my friend Ken...

Ken is a friend of a friend on FB, he is hilarious and usually cracks me up. So I read his profile and I liked what I saw. I mentioned we were matches and we flirted a bit...

He had a family issue and he talked to me about it on FB.. Then FB got all messed up and I couldn't see his wall.. We messaged back and forth about how to fix it finally he fixed it...

I know he USUALLY doesn't' check his FB messages and I really want to ask him out... I am scared though.. I mean I don't want him to like unfriend me or whatever cause he is a funny guy and I like him a lot.

So here is my question:

1) Should I ask him out?

2) If so should I do it on FB or the dating sight?

3) If I ask him, with his dry sense of humor or whatever what should I say?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Go girl ask him out and if he unfriends you then he does not deserve to be your friend, why wait for the man to take the move!



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What Guys Said 1

  • If you think that he might be interested it could be worth a shot to ask him out, and I would do it through the dating site, I would consider using that would mean that your more serious about asking him out. And about the dry sense of humor, you could always try the direct approach if a wide array of humor isn't his style, he might be more impressed with you asking.


What Girls Said 1

  • okay so here's what you do just ask him out its okay to be scared , just ask the odds of him saying yes are deffinatly in that 60%


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