Will there ever be something there?

So down the shore at senior week I met this girl. At the time we met it just seemed like a typical senior week hook up that was meaningless. However after senior week was over we continued to talk and stay in touch and I'm not the type of guy to just really have a meaningless hook up. I like to keep in touch with people and make friends and be nice with everyone. After we had left senior week I realized that I actually somewhat cared for this girl. She is sweet, exciting, wild, funny, cute and everything else. We live about 40 minutes away, I'm heading into my first year of college a decent distance away and she is going to be a senior in high school. I know in my heart that I just won't be able to forget about her like nothing was ever there. She thinks that I am just using her like all of the other a**holes she has been involved with but that's not me. I plan to at least try and see her one more time before I leave. What should I do, casually talk and keep in touch and stay friends? Tell her that I am not using her for anything and actually care about her? Should I try and lose all contact? If I tell her the truth then it's awkward if I ever see her again? Do I tell heron person, but if I don't see her before I leave in 16 days should I just text or call her? Any advice at all about how I should deal with my feelings for her? She is a flirty girl so I'm not sure if she has feelings back! I always text her first but that may jus be her style.


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  • 40 min is nothing! if you like her which it sounds like you do and she is definitely interested but just be friends first take it slow because she hasn't had the best luck with guys in the past just take it slow but don't lose contact! can you ansr mine please? link


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