Do guys have a problem with girls dressing provocatively?

And what does provocative mean to you? What would you say is provocative dressing?

Also, why does it seem that when a woman is completely covered, men have a problem, when she dresses how she likes men still have a problem?

So how exactly would a girl have to be dressed for you to respect her and also be interested in her seriously? thanks


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  • We all know 'provocative' when we see it. Anything that shows a lot of skin that's normally covered except on the beach...

    Well, when she's covered, we wonder what she looks like uncovered, so that's sort of a 'problem,' I guess.

    By 'how she likes' you mean in the highly artificial way you see in magazines. Well, that look is DESIGNED to get attention, right? So why is that a 'problem,' since apparently you dress that way KNOWING you're going to get a lot of attention.?

    Not logical to complaine!


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  • Provocative to me means that she is showing too much skin. Like excessive skin. Showing too much breast or too much navel or too much leg that you can see her butt.

    I like it when a girl doesn't have to show too much skin to get noticed.

    If a girl is showing too much skin, yes she gets noticed but does she get respected? I don't think so

    I like to dress trendy and it looks like she takes care of herself and dresses for her body

  • OK first question, provocative means to mean suggesting or provoking sexual desire( in my case I love legs, their so sexy, and a mini skirt or a proper shirt lifted to the right height is so f***ing sexy),

    Ok now with dressing to much or too little, I have never heard that but with the too little it's a problem for guys like me since it tells me that she clearly only what's attention and objectifies herself. I immidiatly label her "easy"(not slutty) because she makes no effort to be "valued"(I do not know if I am being clear or not)

    OK for me the dress thing is not so much as what she says and how she says it, but to answer your question, jeans and a t shirt, a nice simple dress knee length(this is my measurement not to be taken as a "universal" one)

    i hope it helps

  • hey!

    Provocative to me is like wearing a miniskirt with your boobs hanging out, I don't have a problem with that lol but it can send out bad signals aswell if your not careful.

    By the way you don't have to dress a certain way to be 'respected' by men, personality is the main thing but obviously if you look after yourself its a bonus.

    Honestly its not a big issue, maybe your looking too much into it. Todays media puts huge pressure on women to look and act in a certain 'accepted' way.

    If you want to get into a serious relationship then be YOU and wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. Mr. right will understand you for who you are not what you wear.

    hope this helps x

    • thanx :) I like your answer

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  • I would say showing any more skin than a tank top and shorts or mini skirt shows would be considered provocative, at least to me.

  • Guys like it..they say otherwise but I see girls who dress with their asses hanging out of their shorts and t*ts hanging out with bfs

  • I was at an 18 and over club (that just so happened to have a bar) and I saw this chick in spandex black booty shorts and the wrap shirts (the bandage like shirts that show bits of skin everywhere.) She didn't have the body for it, and she was dancing like a stripper next to the bar. The outfit was something that no matter who was wearing it I wouldn't like it.

    I think there is a thin line between sexy, provocative, and skanky. Sexy is a low cut dress that shows some cleavage and some arms, provocative is a tight mini and a low cut shirt. Skanky is wearing what should be lingerie out and about.

  • Provocative is too much skin showing at once. Example a tight short mini and a very low ct shirt where yo ucan practically see her nipples.

    The key is to dress alittle sexy while leaving some mystery. Show some cleavage but cover your legs. Wear a tight skirt but don't show too much cleavage. Wear nice jeans but make sure your entire midsection is covered. Etc. The key is generally to stick to flaunting one body part at once.

  • They have a problem when she dresses sexy and still won't f*** him. That's when they get angry and mean.

    • but why?

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    • so girls are toys for guys? that's awful

    • if they portray themselves that way, unfortunately they will be viewed as sex toys and not much more. it sucks to be a girl but you can't change human nature so you have to accept the fact that if you walk around showing a lot of skin men will think they can have sex with you more easily. It is frustrating but understandable.

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