How can I be more girly?

Im hanging out with the love of my life lol I've been in love with this kid for 3 years now going on 4 and I really want to look pretty for him this weekend

i don't really wear make up I think I look funny in eyeliner but I don't know and I always have my hair up in a pony tail but I want to look good for him

what make up should I wear?

should I wear my hair half up half down with star earrings?

down with star earrings?

in a pony tail with hoop earrings?

i have dark brown reallly curly hair green blue eyes and tan skin like beyonces color


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  • Is he a little younger than you?

    • yea only by a couple months though

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    • lol why he the same age as me my birthdays in February and his is in October were basically the same age but why does that matter?

      yea I said "in love with him" because I've liked him for 3 years since like this first time I sawww him lol

    • That was not what troubled me.. I do not care if he's younger or not, be happy.

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  • Do you have any close girlfriends that you think dress and wear make up well? Maybe you could tell her your story. I bet she would be be glad to help you out.

  • you should wear your hair down

  • If you want to look more girlie don't put your hair up. Men like to see the length. There is nothing wrong with pony tails. Maybe try wearing a skirt a little more often.


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  • i think you should wear your hair down and straighten it. If you're not good with eyeliner just wear some mascara. Also wear a bit of blusher, it will give some colour to your face. Also wear some lipstick with lip liner. But if you're not good with lipstick or lip liner, you could just wear some lip-gloss, that would look equally as nice. Hoop earrings would look nice if you wear your hair down.

    And as for your clothes, that would depend on your body shape and you would have to dress accordingly so that whatever you wear flatters your body shape

    hope this helps!


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