What to wear when asking?

Ok so I'm gonna do this on Thursday but what should I wear? I was thinking something with blue. Like one of my blue flannels and black capris. Its gonna be at the night over so ill also be playing games and running around at the park so should I take extra clothes to change into?


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  • yeah. take some extra clothes as well. look cute. put some makeup on, don't overdo it tho. and be yourself! xD. good luck!

    • Ok. So just the main eyeliner and mascara with a hint of eyeshadow and maybe straighten my hair too?

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    • then go for it and good luck!

    • Ok and thanks! :)

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  • Yea, take some extra clothes.

    Just throw on something casual but flattering, make sure you look pretty attractive (facial / hair,) and call it a day.

    I gurantee, he's not even gonna notice what color or style of shirt your wearing lol

    • Ok. So a nice tight but not too tight top and something easy to moce around in and are nice for bottoms. Maybe straighten my hair. And makeup?

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    • Well yea, you'll be moving and such. Good luck with the asking ^^

    • Thanks! Send me good luck Thursday night! I'll need it haha.

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