Guys- Define short, medium, and long hair?

I always hear guys saying how they don't like short hair, and love long hair, and vice versa.

Define the hair length you have in mind when you say short.

Pictures help.


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  • Short hair, for me, is a pixie cut, or something that doesn't necessary cover or go past the ears. Medium length is shoulders, while long hair is anything beyond the shoulders, something long enough to be put into a pony-tail. That's how I figure it, anyway.

  • i don't like short hair but I like medium and long, as far as I'm concerned short is anything shorter than shoulder length and medium is longer than shoulder length and I don't even know when medium becomes long XD but either one you're good for my tastes :)

    • Mine is above shoulder length.

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    • Its the insisting that women keep their hair long for your liking that is stupid to me. This has nothing to do with hygiene making your teeth example not work. But in a style of hair that makes the girl feel beautiful- which is what my short hair does for me, that all of a sudden, it still makes me unattractive, and how I am supposed to tailor my hair to suit someone else's desires.

    • you're not. I thought I made it clear that I don't believe women SHOULD like morally have long hair. Women and everyone else should do whatever they want. It WILL inevitably make you less attractive than otherwise, but that's okay if you still want it. Nobody is insisting that you do your hair their way. But you can't insist that they find you attractive if they don't. People don't find things attractive because they should, everyone has personal taste and it's subjective you can't change it.

  • Short: down just past the ears.

    Medium: Between the ears and the top of the shoulderblades.

    Long: Past the shoulderblades

    Ren Fair: Down to the hips.

  • Short- Hair shorter than the bottom of the ear up.

    Medium- Shoulder length, maybe a little more than that.

    Long-Hair reaches mid back and down.


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