Why do people always trying to take advantage me?

i hang out with a group of people thhat I thought were my friends who never answer my calls or texts unless theyre trying to get something out of me. for example, I tried to get clothes from my friends house that I left, but neither him nor his mom answered. so I drove there (after geting my license) to pick them up. then I see my friend at the house kickin it with the playin black ops with a friend and has the phone by his side. then later he texts me asking me to pick him up and one of the people in the group calls me to ask if I can pick them up :/ what's up with that?


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  • My friends do the exact same things. I can read people I know very well. They take advantage of me because they know they can. I am the nice person who can't say no, so they think that it doesn't hurt me when they act that way. I don't tell them it bothers me, so it's partially me fault. They might not realize how inconsiderate, and rude they are being. I just feel that I only have so much to give before I break. It wouldn't be bad if they repaid the favor every once in awhile, but the thing is they don't. I always feel that I come in second to all of my friends even though I give so much of myself to them. Some people just don't have that filter in their mind that makes them stop and think about how other people think. It's a tough situation because on one hand you want to put your foot down and stand up for yourself, but on the other you're afraid of losing those friends. That's how I feel anyway. Just try and hint that it bugs you a bit, and maybe that'll help. I'm sorry about that. Been there, so I know how it feels. Great question though! :)

    • thx for the comment. I feel the exact same way. hey maybe we should form a clan called ' yes man' and tell the whole world no xP

    • Bwahahaha ^^That'd be awesome :)

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  • I'm sure they are using you. Anyway they don't sound like good friends at all. So just find new people who like you for who you are not what you have. Just be careful a lot of people out there can be like that.

  • Using you for a cheap ride...or they just don't realize they're being inconsiderate.

    You can confront them about it, ditch them, distance yourself from them while you find new friends or continue being used. I would try the first, if that doesn't work, I'd be on my way to find better friends. Or you could start charging them for gas money. :D

    • thats wassup :P

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    • Well that sucks. But it doesn't sound like they're being outright a**holes, so you can keep them as friends while you work on finding better/cooler guys to hang out with. Some dudes that you actually can be yourself around and no longer feel inadequate around. Keeping them as friends for now works well, especially if you have a bit of trouble finding friends. (Not saying you do.) But you can find your group you click with while still being nice to them and remaining on good terms with 'em :)

    • whats funny about that is that I've been working on it for a while and I've found friends who like me for me and not another person so I can be myself around them. the people described are somewhat second hand now

  • As you said they are using you. It would be in your best interest to find new friends.

  • because some people suck, just defend yourself, we are not all that way.


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