How often do you guy clothes shopping with/for your partner?

So girls, does the man in your life go shopping with you? Do you have to drag him down to the store by his feet. Or do you know his sizes and buy everythingfor him?How about underwear and socks?

And guys, how often do you go shopping with your girl? Do you pay sometims?
buy clothes abviously
obviously. wow this amnesia is just too strong


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  • My guy and I are going shopping together for the first time this Sunday. I found out which is not a surprise that he doesn't like shopping. The part he likes about it is getting new clothes at the end and spending time with me :) I kind of know his sizes so if I ever did want to buy something for him, I could.

    • I think most guys would want to come if they could see you try on clothes. I asked my guy if he wanted to come lingerie shopping and he of course said yes ;)

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  • I hate shopping, mostly the waste of time it is. When I go to shop for my own things it takes me like 20 minutes and I have enough clothes for the next two years. When I go with my wife it takes like two years to have enough for the next 20 minutes...

    Shopping for her clothes is a bit easier. I take my tablet or laptop and just sit somewhere and work :D

  • Yes, I do like to go shopping with my girl. It's a day out with her and I get to see her try things on. We usually stop at an underwear store while we're out, which I enjoy since I'll be seeing it later that night. But I just like clothes shopping in general. I don't know if I could be considered an anomaly, but I pay attention to fashion probably more than she does and I make sure she doesn't pick anything ugly. But if your guy doesn't like shopping and you plan on bringing him along someday, make a fun date out of it or he'll secretly hate you for the day.

  • Hmm not often, BUT just today I bought my lady a black thong and some stockings ;-D can't wait to catch her wearing it!


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