Can I get some advice for edgier hair?

I just recently got my hair cut, but I want a more edgier look to me..and I kinda want some interesting highlights or hairstyles I could wear to school?

I am perfectly open to color highlights (blue,red,ect.) or those really cool gradient highlights(cannot find a decent image).

Current picture (sorry for the editing, it was a camera setting):


Since it is edited, my hair color:


My hair goes past my shoulders, so :p


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  • You could always use a pomade in your hair I suppose! Also, those little clip ins with the peacock feathers, normal feathers, etc., would add a little edge. Depending on what salon you go to to get your hair done, those girls can be funky as heck! Ask them for easy edgey tricks! My sister is one of those girls (hair stylist) so I'll ask her and get back to you. I see her tomorrow, and she's the subtle edgey type girl, which you also seem to be!

    • If you could do that for me, it would be amazing :)

      I'm trying to avoid the feather route but I do like them..

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  • the first one if you what high light put them in what you have you will look hot with your hair long and with high light in it

  • link

    look at this. not sure if its what you are looking for. but I think it would look good on you. at least the coloring.

    • ooo I like that :) Thank you!

    • oh. she changes her hair a lot. her name is jen ledger and she's the drummer for a christian rock band called skillet. she changes her hair a lot, so you might be able to find something better. lol.

    • I've heard and listened to the band skillet...even tho I am no longer a christian..

      and ill look her up :)

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  • Feather extensions, or ombre hair, or dip-dyed ends would look nice, I think.


    just google pictures of ombre and dip dying haha.


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