Guys, what does it take for a girl to catch your eye?

what does it take for a girl to...

catch your eye

*get you to like her

make you fall in love (:

just curious -xoxo gaby (:


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  • She must be attractive honestly, (physical attraction is the first part of a relationship, although it may not be the only reason, we, as humans are made to be attracted to physical things first, it sparks an interest, because if you were in a forest full of pine trees that all look identical, and there was one oak tree in it, would you be more attracted to the pines or the Oak?) For me, she must stand out from everyone else, in her purity and passion for the Lord. She must be caring, intellectual, honest, and sympathetic... there are a few other things that I may add in the future, but eye contact is what usually catches our eyes, (Sounds obvious and dumb), however Guys generally will stare or frequently glance at the girls they like.


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  • Beautiful woman will inspire a man,

    intelligent will interest him,

    but compassionate will get him!

  • There are many different answers for this. Here are a few for me. The way a girl walks and how she interacts with other people. How a girl carries herself in public. It's like they say, "if a girl carries herself like a princess, then 9 times out of 10 she is a princess". If a girl smiles and laughs that is a huge attraction for me because at least I know that she has a sense of humor. Physical looks are a big factor too, but they're not everything. I will definitely know if I;m in love with a girl when she finds it funny when I might embarrass myself by mistake. She might laugh and try to make me feel better even when I find myself stupid for embarrassing myself. A girl can make me fall in love with her if she can help me recover. I hope my response helps answer your question!

    PS: A girl can also make me fall in love if she knows some magic! A powerful spell might do the trick! :)

  • sweet eyes and a kind heart.

  • She has to stand out from the rest.


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