What can I do to make people say that?

Ok so school is starting up again in 3 weeks, and when I come back from school I want people to say holy sh*t no way, what can I do to make people say that I want a lot of advice and tips so lets hear it!


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  • If your not muscular already, maybe go to the gym and build up a little muscle? Guys can bulk up really quickly.

    • ive been working out this whole summer I'm gonna really push myself these last 3 weeks to get even stronger and leaner and bulking up is really hard ha ha but I'm determined, any other tips?

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    • bitch you're ugly

    • Oh yeah, because I'm the one that doesn't have a picture of myself on here? Your the one that doesn't so you probably are. Talk about you not having a very high self esteem.

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  • do a burnout in the parking lot

    • i don't drive but otherwise oh yeah

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    • dude what the hell is wrong with you? you ask for suggestions on things to do for shock value, and then you can't do any of those things? and google is there for a reason.

    • and girlsaskguys is there for a reason buddy

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