She says she wants to just be friends but she sure doesn't act like one?

She sure doesn't act like one.

I met her 5 weeks ago and we flirted heavily since we met. Our touching escalated from simple hand on shoulder, to legs touching constantly and I was putting my hand right above her knees and she was playfully hitting my arm and touching my hands.

Then she says she wants to stay friends and she values this 4-week friendship (jeez.. lol)

Then when I see her she's still saying we should go out and hang out together and to come see her at her work, and she's still sitting real close to me and touching me.

I have a theory that maybe she thought I just wanted to get in her pants but she wants me to ask her out instead? I don't know.

She never calls or texts me first, so she doesn't act like just a friend, she acts like all these other girls who want to be chased. If she was just my friend she would contact me every once in a while..

She's this girl who has like 3000 Facebook friends, I don't know what her intentions are flirting with me then saying just stay as friends, then not contacting me ever. Maybe she just likes the attention.. but from being around her I get the feeling she's a sweet, nice girl who wouldn't do something like that. She's into God and such and is very kind, generous and willing to do favors so I don't see her being a cold-hearted bitch unless she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

What should I do and what is your opinion on the situation?


Most Helpful Guy

  • The key detail that stuck out to me is the part where you mention she's religious. It's not that because she's religious she's a certain way, there is just a correlation between religion and the ability to reject attention. She's one of those girls who cannot say "no". She's nice, pretty, and soaks up a lot of attention. She will never discourage it. The proof is in the friend count.

    Because she is so friendly, you cannot add dual meanings to what she says. If she says you're a great friend, that means you are friends. There's nothing else to it! The best way to try and read her is to go by what she doesn't say. If she doesn't call you out of the blue just to let you know she's thinking about you, then you're just a friend. She's gets attention all the time, she handles it like a pro. Judge her by her actions. Go ahead and give her some space and see if she's willing to pursue you. If not, then this assumption was correct.


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  • find someone who is seriously into you. forget her.


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  • I guarantee she's a virginal cocktease. I bet she goes home and fingers herself to you, but probably won't have sex with you unless you completely seduce her or trick her heart. To find out if she's a wolf in sheep's clothing do something to p*ss her off then you'll see her true colors.


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