Guys, what do you think of "old fashioned" girls?

Since I was younger I've loved cooking, baking, cleaning, etc. Don't get me wrong, I don't dress old fashioned but I subscribed to the whole man=head of the house hold mentality. I wouldn't want to be a house wife though- I'm going to college for criminal justice. Any thoughts?


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  • Being comitted to work alongside a healthy prosperous family doesn't have to do anything with you not being old fashioned incase you are concerned, but quite the contrary. It literally makes you this wonder woman who can multi task work and home.

    The post Vicorian era and beyond, the world saw many 'housewives' who were actually indulged in some form of profession such as nursing, teaching, tailoring etc but still managed to raise their children commendably. In the modern times it is far easier for you to be the perfect wife and a successful independant woman fianancially.

    Most young ladies today are reluctant to become good housewives but please don't follow the mentality. It is as ridiculous as a man saying he doesn't want to work to earn for his family.

    If you ever plan to settle down which I assume you do, you must realize that making life for your husband, your children will only make yours more easier. And it's a role that every wife should embody just like how the husband shouldn't be a jobless tool lying on the couch.

    I will give you a cyber pat first for being passionate about the well being of others considering the career you hae chosen and secondly understanding the true, fundamental morals that our ancestors promoted, because I think it's such a big issue today. You will see divorce rates sky rocketing like never before, and the institution of marriage being treated like a teenage high school flick where neither of the spouses are aware of the responsibility they are signing up for. So people might as well learn a lesson from you.

    Just find a man who believes in the same values and liberty as you do, and work really hard towards making the most out of your education.

    Hope this helped. Good luck!


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  • I miss those old fashioned girls, I think I'm gonna have to hit some old fashion villages back home xD!


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