I want to get to know her better, where should I take her out?

There is this girl that I definitely think is beautiful but I can't say I like her because I don't really know much about her or her personality and looks aren't everything. I wanna hang out with her to get to know her better. Where should I ask to her to go chill? Thanks!


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  • Take her somewhere where she enjoys (and preferably you can enjoy with her too) and that both of you can talk together properly.

    More unusual examples (aside from going to restaurants and coffee shops because I think it's boring):

    1) go on a picnic together

    2) go to a festival together (it can be a music one where both of you can sit on the grass, enjoy and talk together)

    3) cycle together around a scenic area, then rest and sit down together and talk

    4) mountain hiking and enjoy the scenery together on top whilst talking together

    5) go to the beach together

    6) invite her over for lunch/dinner (if you are a good cook)


    Don't go to places which you guys can hardly talk while concentrating on doing something else (such as movies etc.) BUT! you can watch a movie together then go somewhere else where you can spend time together talking.

    • Make use of the summer. Try something different.

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    • I'll ask her. Thanks!

    • You are welcome :) Good luck! :D

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  • grab coffee or lunch. some place you can talk and if you don't like her, walk out early

    • That's what I was planning. Just wanted to see what other people thought. Thanks!

    • good luck. hope she's as beautiful inside as she is out

    • Me too!

  • Movies and then dinner the works unless you want something else

  • Take her to a place that you can talk and enjoy yourselves together.

    Take her our for coffee or go for a walk in a park, a walk on the beach, etc...

    Movies is silly because you wouldn't be able to talk.

    • I wish there was a beach in Las Vegas! Yea I agree you can't really talk in the movies to get to know each other. I was gonna just take her out to go grab something to eat. Should I pay?

    • I think you should pay, yeah. Don't go to a fancy restaurant because that's too much. Just walk somewhere and on your way buy sandwiches...coffee..etc...

      Las Vegas Rocks!

    • I don't mind paying but just thought maybe since its kinda early, and we don't really know each other but ill definitely pay! Thanks!

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