What do you look most for in a girl, guys?

Question for guys: What are the main things that you look for in a girl? What attracts you the most?


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  • The three things I need to have for attraction.

    First thing is she needs to be attractive; good physical fitness.

    Second thing is the type of clothing she's wearing; I like active/outdoorsy girls.

    Third thing I look for is if she can hold a conversation with me or not.

    Pass those and you've got my attention.

    Beyond attraction and more towards personality traits

    First things first, I look for her drive. Does she have motivation in her life? What motivates her? What is she working towards in life? That's always a good base for compatibility.

    Second thing is definitely her interests or rather how adventurist she is. I do allot of extreme activities and I'm happiest outdoors.

    Third thing is her general attitude. I like calm, collective, and decisive girls. Someone who doesn't easily lose their cool.


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  • 1.Kindness

    2.Attractivness( how she smiles, talks and her laugh)

  • Appearance

    things in common

    a decent sense of humor

    less feminine

    rather she has kids or not

  • looks/caring


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