I'm hot and always get judged on my looks, advice?

I get a few whistles, looks everyday so I know I'm attractive somewhat but I wonder if that's why girls are mean to me because of my looks. I find myself to be a nice person but get along better with guys.

when I say 'i'm hot' I'm not trying to be a snob, I'm just saying I get compliments almost everyday etc
um...k...um... I'm not complaining about how hot I am...thanks.

i'm just kinda asking...if you can read the point of a question...eh hem


uh thanks for the helpful answers...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sorry if this is patronizing but IT'S BETTER THAN BEING UGLY.

    Yes bitches are gonna hate on you because of your looks but that comes with the territory. Many women are insecure and because they feel inferior to a beautiful woman, they will lash out at her. You can still be friends with other pretty girls, right? Most of the hot girls I see are usually close friends with other hot girls because hot people hang together. I guess they understand each others' plights in this world lol.

    Fck the haters, if you were ugly girls would be nice to you and tell you "you're so pretty" to make you feel better about yourself but then secretly think "i'm glad I don't look better than her" so be glad you have the pretty girl problems instead of the ugly girl problems.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Pretty people problems are funny.

    • Maybe you can get in a disfiguring accident and then you wouldn't have this problem. Would that make you happy?

    • You want it all. You were blessed at birth and have advantages through no effort on your part AND you want the people who are your natural competition for men and jobs to be nice to you.

      Learn some humility.

    • Graciousness was the word I was looking for.

  • Buy a bag of ice

  • oh yeah!? then why are you anon! :)

  • On no what a horrible problem

    • Enjoy the benefits of being hot

What Girls Said 6

  • Must be your personality, because I know plenty of beautiful women who make friends with ease.

    If anything, it's usually guys who judge an attractive girl more than other girls (at least in my experience).

  • Simple. Because they are jealous of you. I know exactly what you mean though...I don't consider myself drop dead gorgeous, but I find it easier to make friends with guys. :/

  • hahaha, this is kinda funny.

  • It could be.

    • What I mean is sometimes girls your age are insecure and when a pretty girl comes along they take their insecurities out on her.

  • well both girl and guys are mean to me.

  • Trust me hon, it's much better to be hot and judged by your looks than to be ugly and judged by your looks. Seriously, I'll trade you right now. Once you start getting negative comments every day you'll be wishing to go back to your whistles.

    • Ugly girls are jealous of pretty girls. Does that make their bitchiness justified? No. But no girl likes going out with her hot friend and watching her get all the attention and going on all the dates and having a great time while she's alone and no guy ever approaches her because she's ugly. I don't hate my hot friends but I'm extremely jealous of them for this very reason.

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