Cute girls driving hot cars?

What kind of cars do you think its cute for a girl to drive? Do you check out girls while driving? What do you do when you see an attractive girl and you want to get to know her or flirt?

Or does the car not matter? Just the person behind the wheel?

I was looking at cars and I'm saving up for one and it crossed my mind


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  • I'm sorry, but as shortsighted as it may sound, if I see a cute girl driving a hot car, I instantly just assume she's a massive bitch. She's cute and she's obviously got money, and girls that are cute and financially well-to-do don't often grow into nice people since they've been spoiled rotten and swooned over their whole lives.

    • Im not getting a brand spanking new car. Probably a used car from craigslist lol or if I'm lucky a decent used car dealer ship

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  • It ain't the car, its the nigga drivin it- Big Sean

  • It doesn't matter. It's only the girl behind the wheel. Don't drive a piece of sh*t though.


What Girls Said 1

  • anything red and shiny will stand out to a guy


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