Plucking your lashes and brows?

An odd question I know but I could use a little help with these two points.

1. I wish to pluck my lashes, the ones on the inner corners on the top, and many on the bottom. I want to know how to do so safely. The reason for this is that it is hard for me to apply makeup (and I do very dramatic visual kei makeup) with my out of control lashes.

2. I also wish to pluck my brows. But I need to have them in a way where they are very err not so to say a thin line but that it doesn't have a lot of hair in them no matter how wide. (Err yeah I'm bad at explaining) And I also want them to make my eyes looker farther apart... How can I acheive this?


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  • Plucking eyelashes sounds exceedingly painful...but I found a link that explains it for you. link As for the eyebrow plucking, I'm not sure how you would thin it out...I've only ever plucked the strays and trimmed when the hairs got too long. I'd suggest maybe going to a salon for that and trying to describe what you want.

    • Thank you for the link! It was very helpful! And acctually its not that painful (as I ust tried it) but it makes your eyes water a bit.

      I think I'll have to go to a salon in the end or I'm going to murder my eyebrows o.o

    • Oh, really? Huh. Well, I don't think I'll ever try plucking my eyelashes anyway. xD And yeah, going to the salon for your eyebrows will be your best bet, I imagine.

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