Guys, do you catergorize different types attractiveness?

OK, what I mean is depending on who you think looks good.

if the girl looks like this link

Or this link

they clearly have different features...and what I mean is do you categorize...them by their features in which girl is more attractive...or is the attractiveness just matter how different they look?

  • No, it doesn't far they look good.
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  • Yes, different people have different features and I can't be attracted equally to the same type.
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  • I am indifferent.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Looks definitely get 'categorized'

    most people tend to have a type of person they are attracted to, that's no surprise, but everyone will have different opinions on who is and isn't attractive.

    My favorite personally is Dark Hair, Dark eyes, Pale skin and very skinny

    Google Kate Beckinsale, Kate Voegele and Eliza Dushku

    Though just because other girls have different features, it doesn't mean I will never find them attractive. I also find:

    Jeniffer Love Hewitt (younger), clair Forlani, mila Kunis, Kate Hudson, Emma Watson and many others attractive.

    And they all have different features from olive skin to blue eyes to blond hair, and from round faces to skinny faces, from curves to skinny.

    Personally out of the two choices you gave I'd puck the second one (Vanessa Hudgens, I think) but then again I would choose that mikala chalka's co-star Ashley Tisdale over her.

    Though I would suggest you have a good to awesome personality because that will def make you more attractive than a lot of girls, especially the ones that rely on physical attraction


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not a fan of mila kunis, but she is prettier than michalka. Michalka is arguably not pretty.

    • i happen to find Michalka prettier than Mila Kunis.

    • Well all the chicks on my profile pics are hotter than both. And prettier. And shakira should be on my profile too.

    • lol ok

  • I think we do, yes. There are definitely some girls that are hotter than other hot girls, but it's all personal preference.


What Girls Said 3

  • I get what you mean. In my mind there are levels of attractiveness, but I don't have a set definition for each level. Even though both girls you linked pictures to are very different looking, I'd put them on an equal plane of attractiveness.

  • I think that even if 2 girls have different features, they can be equally attractive. Personally, I think Michalka is prettier than Mila.

  • Sure


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