Should I take offence if I get told that I don't look Asian?

Ok so if someone says to me "you don't look/act/sound Asian", should I be offended?

I often get this at school and I'm not sure how to respond.

eg; friend: it's okay, you're not that asian.

me: well I kind of am.

friend: you don't reallyy look Asian

me: oh.. I don't know how to take that..?

friend: it's a good thing

SO, I guess I'm not the sterotypical Asian. I have freckles and I'm 170cm, so taller than average Asian, and girl at my school, where 50% of students are Asian. I'm Vietnamese and have a Caucasian boyfriend, not that it would change anything.. but I hang out with non-Asian. I'm 16 and I would describe myself as outgoing, down to earth and open minded.. and not quiet as a lot of the Asians are at my school.

What do you think? I'm not sure if I should be taking offence when being told things like this?



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  • Yeah sounds a bit racist to me. One of my friends who is Asian got the same thing in high school about her looks except she looks really Asian. People have ignorant racist stereotypes and if you don't fit that then you're different, sometimes "better" in many cases. It's like a compliment and an insult. I'm black and I got a lot of that when I was younger. I still get it from some people today actually. I think the types of people I generally am around are different. I went to catholic school, a predominantly white one with a good amount of conservatives, many suburbanites, some people from country areas, etc. Now I go to a completely liberal college in NYC. So, very different types of people generally. I still hear it, though, don't get me wrong. That's how people are.

    When I was younger I had racial issues and I took it as a positive when someone told me those things. Now that I'm educated about more thngs and understand the mentality behind it and I don't think the same way, myself, I don't really tolerate that. I set people straight if they say things like that to me

    I think it depends on how small your world is too. "Asian" is a pretty vague term anyway, there are many many different ways to look Asian. And I've seen several tall Asians, personally, and Asians with freckles, etc.


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  • Are you offended? I don't see any reason to be. It's their opinion. Similar issue with me when People find out I'm left-handed and they look at me weird. I'm usually not offended and I turn the question around and ask them how they are abe to write with their right hand. Lol.

    Be glad you're not a stereotypical Asian ^_^


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  • swear this happens to me...i am part filipino...and when I say that...people are don't look look like a weird looking black

    idk...its not a big deal maybe it means you are more open...and different from the other Asians who are more conservative or have stereotypical traits.


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