What do you think of a girl who's had plastic surgery, guys?

Let's say nose job, lipo on her thighs (I'm a size two but want skinnier thighs), and you met her after that happened, and she told you, what would you think? And if you knew her during? What would you think?


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  • I like big thighs so I'd think "Damn, what a waste.". But the nose, it depends on how drastic the change is.

    • Small change. Very small change

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    • Did you end up getting the surgery? Also, Fun Fact: women who've had any type of plastic surgery are 3.5 x's more likely to be on anti-depressants than women who've not had plastic surgery.

    • Not yet lol, still thinking

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  • I would think you're a shallow, plastic douche who is way too fixated on the superficial. The act of plastic surgery is inherently fake, and therefore juvenile and degrading.

  • Sigh...idk...I generally don't approve of cosmetic surgery...but you are different..I am a thigh man and I appreciate a good pair of thighs...what was wrong with your nose?

    • Not too much, just has a small bump and the end looks too round. I want a nose that's on a perfect slant and doesn't spread out when I smile.

    • I don't know if I approve or not... Just please leave your breasts and your labia alone!

  • it would just let me know she's the same on the inside as she is on the outside. fake


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  • The guys on here are so condescending:)

    Millions of women who have had cosmetic or plastic surgery get bfs and husbands:)

    • Right?! Thanks! I'm not gonna pull a Heidi montag, but just doing this for myself, not some guy

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