Do guys like it when girls wear make up?

i don't wear makeup, because I like how I look with out it. but do guys like it when I do ?


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  • They say they like no makeup. Guys were shown women with no makeup and the same women with heavy makeup, as well as natural looking makeup and they all preferred the women in the natural looking makeup, not the no makeup or the heavy makeup. It's because in reality every woman looks prettier with some makeup on, no matter how beautiful you are or are not. It's about doing it right and making it look pretty and natural so it enhances your features not changes them. I wear makeup and people tend to think I look natural and no one thinks I look very different without it on on the other hand my friend wears a lot of eyeliner and she looks pretty different without it.

    The trick is to play up your eyes and keep your lips and cheeks neutral, natural, and light. Avoid obvious shimmer or bright colors on any part of your face. That tends to be the guy approved look. Also beware of too much black eye makeup that tends to make people look very different unless it's done thinly. If you are paler try brown or brownish black eyeliner instead it is softer and more natural looking, or even a dark forest green that isn't bright or something.


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  • No

    Guys prefer natural.

    When they say natural they mean girls who are naturally beautiful.

    So if you're not go for the no makeup look.

  • This question has been asked 11 billion times. The answer has never changed. Guys say they like little to no makeup, but in the end the point is just that they like a pretty girl.

  • if you like your appearance then that's all that matters


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