What type of diet would you want to do to lose just a little bit of weight?

What type of diet would you want to do to lose just a little bit of weight if you only have 2 and a half weeks to work out before seeing you boyfriend on a trip? it's really hard for me because I'm right in the middle of a "healthy" BMI range and my cholesterol and heart rate etc blood pressure etc are all fine however I would like to tone my body up a bit , look hotter when I go see my boyfriend. thoughts?


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  • I'd probably do cardio for an hour at least 5 days a week (only weekdays). This would include running up and down hills or if you're on a treadmill just increase the resistence. The higher the incline, the more it will help you tone your legs. I'd probably do crunches on a ball and lift weights for my arms. As for what I'd eat; fish and grilled or baked chicken, at least two different colors of vegetables, yogurt, fruits, peanut butter, salads, etc. You need to eat a lot of protein (chicken) because you're focusing on muscles.


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  • if you only have two weeks, you should have started 4 months ago

    • only knew this exactly 3 weeks ago. gee thanks?

    • what can you do in 2 weeks. not a f***ing thing. I don't know how women are so completely oblivious to how diet and exercise work.

      look if you want to get in better shape that's wonderful. but its not something you can do in 2 weeks.

  • well running's always good, in general a lot of things are good, but just eat healthy and do some sports, that's what works for me when I need to lose weight.


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  • I'd do a healthy diet, I'm not going to hurt myself just because I'm going to see my boyfriend. He should love just as I am, or he shouldn't be dating me at all.


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