Burger King's 88cent Whopper Promotion: Are you looking forward to it?

This promotion takes place on Aug 8th from 8am-8pm. (At least, in Southern California it does!)

So how many do you plan on eating?

Are you going to order anything on the side?

I have this awesome plan in mind (or at least I think it's awesome). I'm gonna order around 10 of them with no sauce and store them in the refrigerator. They just add ketchup and mayo anyways so the sauce isn't that big a deal.

Forget my "plan" then! I knew it was no good. Maybe just... two... :P
Time to go anonymous. POOF!


Most Helpful Guy

  • that's disgusting lol

    • How?

    • Besides the fact that they are fast food burgers, the buns are going to get soggy.

    • I wouldn't want to waste 9 bucks only to have soggy buns...hmmm interesting...

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What Girls Said 2

  • I didn't want to mention this Ash, but you've kinda been looking a bit podgy lately...

    • Less pudgy than a few months ago! But maybe you're right.

      It's these fat cells trying to reawaken...

  • I absolutely despise Burger King, so I care not for their Whoppers, no matter how cheap they are.


What Guys Said 2

  • So humans health is only valued at 88 cent a person now?

    • It's one day!

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    • Odds are, eating two or three 88 cent burgers will not be the main cause of their bodily dysfunctions.

      A 300 pound man pulling up at the drive-thru window has other issues to address.

    • yeah. what I always found funny was when I would see a morbidly obesse person go in there and order 5 burgers and then order a diet soda

  • And people wonder why Americans are so fat...

    • I don't think people wonder that at all. It's quite obvious!


      This resturaunt allows people who weigh over 350lbs to eat for free. I saw it on the Travel Channel.

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