Do guys like cute and bubbly girls?

We already know guys like hot and sexy girls but what about those of us that aren't hot and sexy. Pretty much everyone I know describes me as cute, guys, girls, everyone. The only time I've ever been called hot is when a guy is hooking up with me or trying to. When I meet a guy I'm way more likely to joke around with him than I am to flirt. I can be flirty once I'm comfortable with someone but initially I'm just not like that, I'm more fun and playful. I never approach guys cause just the thought pretty much sends me into a panic attack so whenever I wind up meetings guys when I'm out it's more because they bumped into me than because they came up to me. I don't think I even have one of those sexy "come hither" looks. So do guys like that? I mean I don't get completely ignored but I have a friend who is "hot and sexy" and we honestly can't go anywhere without her getting hit on to the point where it's like she expects it whereas I'm pleasantly surprised if a guy wants my number.


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  • No one ever calls me cute or adorable unless they are describing my personality. I am either gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, sexy, hot, I get just a wow sometimes too,you get the idea and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. I don't dress slutty but because of my looks all guys want from me is sex. They don't want to see me as a woman or even a human being. I am smart, sweet, funny, caring and apparently cute but no guy ever wants to find out. Embrace the cuteness. Being hot isn't all that. I won't even get into how people automatically assume I am dumb and/or easy and like I said I don't dress in revealing clothing.


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  • i don't date hot, sexy, or cute. If she's not beautiful/gorgeous to me I won't date her. Weight doesn't matter much to me, as long as she's not over 300 lbs, then its not a problem.

  • Yep :) I love cute and bubbly girls! They're the sort of girls who make you laugh and you just want to be around

  • For every personality type in the world there will be a guy who appreciates it and your company! ;)

  • Cute and bubbly is my favorite kind of girl.


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