Girls what attracts you to a guy?

Hey girls would you like to help me out and other guys on here? What makes a guy catch your attention? e.g. Does biceps interest you more than abs? Or do you really care more about personality above the rest. Please list about 5, Please and thank you! (:

Also please list your top 5 major turn offs as well.

And a bonus what do you girls like talking about to get conversations going and such because I have problems getting conversations interesting.

Much appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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  • first thing I notice

    1. EYES! I love guys eyes, and I don't normally date guys with brown eyes.

    2. If he's cute or not

    3. hair style/ color

    4. body shape skiney or buff

    5. style

    five turn offs

    1. cubbieness

    2. greasy

    3. doesn't know how to dress

    4. doesn't know how to treat his gf's


    • Well thanks for being honest! What body part do you focus mostly on? Abs, biceps, chest, etc.

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    • sun glasses or reading glasses

      what if he doesn't have a gf

      how do you know if someone doesn't know how to dress (example please)

      what do greasy and cubbieness mean

    • glasses, I think if guys need glasses they should get contacts

      he has to of had gf's in the past if he treated them bad then he is going to treat me bad

      if a guy wears a plaid shirt and plaid pants he doesn't know how to dress, but it proves he's not gay which I would be OK with that outfit. now if he wears kakis pulled up to his mid- section, and his shirt tucked in, that is a no no.

      if his hair is greasy that shows he doesn't take care of himself and it's a huge turn off for me.

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  • Generally just how he presents himself. If he shows he puts even the slightest effort into how he presents himself with confidence, I find that attractive. Then I look at his smile and eyes :)

  • Well I'm on the swim team so yes, abs are a major must :) but generally with clothes on I'll probably notice his overall cuteness.

    1. basic average looks (decently dressed, not super pimply etc)

    2. how he presents himself. Like is he acting playful with his friends, being confident or lurking in the corner by himself?

    3. height, taller preferably

    4. hair, I kinda like side swept or something that I can ruffle with. Not long though

    5. eyes, not a really big fan of guys with long eyelashes like girls

    I don't really like:

    1.UNCONFIDENCE and INSECURITY. I could forgive like half of your foibles if you were confident as hell.

    2. chubbiness. if his boobs are bigger than mine then we are not gonna last.

    3.smelly. Seriously don't wear axe and just take a shower. Maybe use your mom's soap, that'll definitely smell good :)

    4.talks about his past relationships

    5.has a huge mouth. It's cute if he goes around telling everyone about how much he likes me, but not when he's saying that he totally made out with me.

    And I love it when you guys call all the time :) I would never think you're being to clingy or desperate. seriously just put on your confidence pants and go for it.


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