Asian people attractiveness?

I see many Asian girls attracting a lot of different races, but Asian guys barely get any attention. I live in a Mexican black and white dominant city and I feel so ostracized. Not meaning that I'm not social, but I always end up in the "friend" zone. I mean ALWAYS. Girls never seem interested in taking it further.

I admit I am pretty shy and insecure at times, but I, as a break dancer, am also very outgoing. I dance at pep rallies and school dances, but I still never seem to attract anybody. I need help on keeping conversations going and making them interesting.

Please girls tips, advice, help anything would be much appreciated. Thanks (:
Also I'm stressing about finding someone to take to prom this year =/


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  • What I'm about to say might sound ignorant to some, but the evidence is so overwhelming I could care less. Asian men are at severe disadvantage when it comes to dating in Western culture (meaning the United States, Canada, etc). Women love to feel feminine. They love to feel small. They want a man who is not only masculine, but able to take charge and be an alpha. These criteria make up a subconscious screening process that ultimately leads to whether or not a female will find you attractive.

    The typical Asian man is short, skinny, and somewhat timid. Right away, this limits their options to women that are very short, petite, and even more submissive (Asian girls in general). Unless you break the mold and defy those stereotypes, you are typically not going to have much luck with women outside your race. So here is what you do:

    1. Address the confidence issue - You've got nothing to lose by pressing the action. Become immune to rejection. Be fearless. Scope out who you want, and approach her like she already said yes. You seem to have this down already, but you can still be more assertive and push the relationship forward.

    2. Address the height issue - Since you can't get any taller, approach girls who are shorter. This will increase your appeal, and thus increase your chances of getting a date.

    3. Address the "skinny" issue - Whether you are skinny or fat, you need to hit the gym. Bulk up and show some definition in your arms and core. If you're a strong guy, women will feel more petite and feminine around you.

    If you're mastered steps 1-3, you now have a girl who is interested. Perfect. Now the best way to keep a conversation going is to be light-hearted and silly. Don't be so sentimental. Girls want to have fun and enjoy their night out, so make it fun by cracking jokes and adding a little sarcasm here and there. She will subconsciously view you as somebody who's smart and "above it all". That is key. Now you know what it takes to appeal to women outside your race. Good luck!

    PS - Grow out your hair. Asians have the best hair so grow it out.

    • I would appreciate "Best Answer" please!

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  • From what I can tell, Asian guys only go for girls within their group.

  • Trust me you can definitely get out of the friend zone . I bet girl's are checking you out and you just may not realize it . They may also be just as shy as you are, I am a non- Asian girl and I really am attracted to Asian guys but I am just super shy. Just try to talk to a girl that you maybe interested in one on one and see where it goes from their. I wish you the best of luck and just think of dance when you are talking to girls. Just try not to be overly cocky lol. I don't know about you but when I get on the stage and dance my personality definitely sparks through! I wish you the best of luck !

  • exactly! confidence is absolutely amazing. There was this one guy I didn't really see myself going out with, and he just made it happen. Don't be cocky and stuff, but yeah he was just open about his feelings and wasn't terrified about holding my hand like other guys >.>

    plus breakdancing is really hot :) I think you should ask a girl out through breakdancing somehow

  • It's not so much your race but more of the fact that you're shy and insecure at times. If you were more confident and outgoing you'd attract more girls. Girls like guys who are sure of themselves and are at ease socially. One piece of advice I feel would be helpful is to stop overanalyzing. Shy and insecure people usually overanalyze things too much and stay inside their head a lot. I should know hehe. Don't always think "oh I'm gonna sound/look stupid" just go with the flow and trust your instincts. That's what being confident is about. Realize that you are human, girls are human too and humans are going to mess up every now and then. so if you do mess up, which is probably something you might be worried about, so the f*** what? lol you'll be fine and its really not that big of a deal. think of how you feel when you are dancing and how outgoing you are then, and try to feel like that in other areas in life


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  • Its all about the personality mate, be fearless, be confident. Dancing is very cool, keep that up but remember that the amazing rush that you and I get from performing is the same rush you'll get from throwing yourself out there - you'd snap up the opportunity to dance, so do the same in social situations.

  • The stereotypes that are attached to Asian guys are not the most appealing to women. Maybe you should just take off your shirt or approach girls. I know girls like my smile and that's how I can get their attention.


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