Is my boyfriend attracted to me?

My boyfriend always comments on what a good hearted person I am and what an amazing girlfriend I am. He tells me I'm pretty or that I have a nice smile...but he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful or hot.

We were watching a movie and he kept gushing about how this or that actress was hot or beautiful. I think he's told me I was beautiful once, maybe twice, ever. Yes, I am a nice, sweet, kind, loving person, but I want my boyfriend to look at me in awe too and think I'm hot and sexy.

He started going on about me being a good person and how he has always looked for a girl who was more than just hot. I stopped him and jokingly was like, "well, you think I'm a good person and hot too, right?"

He responded with, "Did you see what just happened? You can't fake that?" Meaning we just had sex. I dunno. People have sex with people they don't find attractive or even like. I didn't think he proved a point very well...


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  • There's always the dream partners for people. He is attracted to you, but you're no Megan Fox or Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel. It's just the same for him. He's no Channing Tatum or Ryan Reynolds, or some other "hunk."

    • I guess the difference is that I would never say anything about how attractive they were in front of him; I think that's mean and rude. Why point that out? I'm fully aware I don't look like that.

    • Guys are very vocal when it comes down to complimenting a woman's looks. Next time, do the same thing and see if he realizes how hurtful it is.

What Girls Said 1

  • Totally with NerdInDenial, I am vocal about who's attractive and he gets all *sad face, what about me?*. I get how annoying it is though...i mean I will occasionally comment that a guy is attractive but he see's katy perry or almost any other celebrity an he's all "SHE IS SO F***ING HOT" or "that's my girl"...or even girls he knows or girls in the street which is a lot closer to home.

    • I think there's a difference between, wow they're attractive and then going on and on about how this or that person is so hot or beautiful. Why does this need to be talked about? Maybe it's because I couldn't careless about celebrities or gossip. They aren't in my lives, so why waste time talking about them? Also, it makes me think that's his standard for beauty- which I def don't fit into. So, why am I sitting here with a man who doesn't think I'm beautiful?

    • You probably shouldn't think like that, there is a huge deal of difference between pretty and "tv pretty". I'm sure he finds you attractive I think it doesn't occur to them that it's annoying because it's not as if that's attainable. I mean there are plenty of celebrities way more attractive than my boyfriend but I still think he's hot :)

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